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Possessor of Majesty

Possessor of Majesty


Oh Possessor of Majesty,

my insignificant palms raise

to you

injustices committed

against your slave.

I chain my tongue,

and I free my soul,

so that human flaw

does not obliterate the metaphysics of my being.

Oh Possessor of Majesty,

your vagabond of a slave

has nothing to offer –

except praise,

calling on all of your ninety nine names,

in hope that even just one of them will save

this soul from a deceitful place.

Spirit made decrepit

as the body follows its desire,

passion for materialism

put out by a remembrance of an everlasting fire.

Oh Possessor of Majesty,

I lie here awake.

Seeking something that coffee cups cannot stimulate.

I seek your presence in my life.

And if I find that absent,

I will lie in wait,

if that means in the last third of the night,

Then I shall testify to your reality from sunset to day-break.

-Kashmir Maryam, 2014

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