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Today I am implored to speak out about something that has been striking discordant strings in the harp of my mind: failure to speak out about the subject of ‘beauty and appearances’ would be an injustice to the soul.

We live in an era where aesthetics have superceded all other characteristics of the human species. It is an undeniable fact that the way a person looks has taken precedence to all other qualities, but what saddens me is that I see this becoming evermore prevalent under many disguises.

When it comes down to two individuals who are looking to find a partner in marriage, of course there must be some level attraction between the two, however, is the failure to have a petite nose the be all, or end all? As the age of cosmetic surgery is upon us, it seems that the border between beauty and acceptance has become more controversial than ever. I estimate the trend shall fall back towards the un-incised face and body, because at some point, in the near future, it shall become the rarity. Nevertheless, is it the human mind that perceives beauty or the lack thereof? Or is it something that nature has etched into ones genealogy since birth? Regardless of whether physical appeal is in the mind or in the mirror, why have we become overly-concerned with such a subjective, and honestly, quite ludicrous aspect of human competence?

By nature, we rightfully have our preferences, however, so limiting we are if the only sense that guides us is sight! Where did hearing, touching, and smelling disappear to, at the compromise of the eye’s greed!

I suppose the moral of this reflection, is that we should not be enslaved by the sight; if we used our ears more avidly, perhaps we would be able to hear beauty. Perhaps if we used our sense of touch, we would be able to feel beauty. Perhaps if we used our sense of smell, we would be able to differentiate between the stench of rotten transient appearances, and the fragrance of the unconquered spirit of a Queen.

I leave you with the wise words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

“A woman is married for her deen, her wealth or her beauty. You must go for the one with deen, may your hands be in the dust (if you fail to heed)” [Muslim]


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