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 Author & Spoken Word Poet

Kashmir Maryam is an English-born Kashmiri writer, author, and poet. She is best known for her writings on mindfulness, spirituality and emotional intelligence. Kashmir is also recognized for her inspiring poetry performances, which she continues to deliver on both national and international stages. Her published works include the books The Muslim Woman’s Manifesto: 10 Steps to Achieving Phenomenal Success, in Both Worlds, and Nafsi: Jihad Upon My Self. Kashmir is also the Founder of Woke Woman – a non-profit organization that empowers the marginalized community of creative Muslim women. Woke Woman does this through a series of coaching and educational workshops on developing the skills needed to become a successful published author. The mission of her organization is to awaken Muslim women to their creative potential, in a purpose-driven way that aligns with their spirituality, as well nurturing a new generation of thought leaders in the community.


Cyrus McGodrick, Author of ‘I of the Garden’

“The voice of the poetess soars in this very spiritual collection of verse. In a time of war for liberation , Kashmir Maryam sets herself to the vital task of freeing our Selves from their enslavement to earthly desires. This debut publication is a testament to the vision and ability of an already accomplished artist, one we hope will continue to inspire ethical resistance and community reflection among the people of faith and conscience.”

Linda Sarsour, Award-winning American Muslim racial justice and civil rights activist from New York City

“Kashmir shares the pain, trauma, confusion, and love within the hearts of Muslims everywhere through words that seep deep into the pores of humanity. Her words are heartbreaking, yet hopeful. She pens our inner conflicts on paper as a remedy for healing of all people. If you want to feel understood, read Nafsi.”