Spoken Word Poet

& Author of Nafsi

Kashmir Maryam is a British internationally-acclaimed Author and Spoken Word Poet. Kashmir is featured in the award-winning documentary film ‘We Are Poets’, where she performed outside the White House at ‘Brave New Voices’- the world’s most prestigious poetry slam competition. Since then, Kashmir has published her most recent book ‘Nafsi: Jihad Upon my Self’, in which she addresses some of the greatest misconceptions about Islam, through poetry and prose.

Kashmir continues to deliver inspiring speeches, as well as performing her poetry on national and international stages. Through her spoken word, she encourages the need for self-empowerment through spiritual cognizance and altruism, in order to ignite global change. Kashmir also co-founded The Strangers – a non-profit organization that is devoted to clearing up misconceptions about Islam, through the art of spoken word poetry.

book nafsi

Nafsi: Jihad upon my Self

Nafsi is a collection of poetry and prose, calling you to a spiritual revolution. This compelling work examines the relationship between spirit and flesh, through poetic allure. “I have been summoned by the need to illuminate minds that have succumb to the rhetoric that the Muslim is strange – that the Muslim should be feared. I write with the sword that I am most familiar with- that is my pen. I write to declare ‘Jihad’ on the thing most worthy of defeating, that is my soul- the ‘Nafs’” -Kashmir Maryam



Cyrus McGodrick, Author of ‘I of the Garden’

“The voice of the poetess soars in this very spiritual collection of verse. In a time of war for liberation , Kashmir Maryam sets herself to the vital task of freeing our Selves from their enslavement to earthly desires. This debut publication is a testament to the vision and ability of an already accomplished artist, one we hope will continue to inspire ethical resistance and community reflection among the people of faith and conscience.”

Linda Sarsour, Award-winning American Muslim racial justice and civil rights activist from New York City

“Kashmir shares the pain, trauma, confusion, and love within the hearts of Muslims everywhere through words that seep deep into the pores of humanity. Her words are heartbreaking, yet hopeful. She pens our inner conflicts on paper as a remedy for healing of all people. If you want to feel understood, read Nafsi.”

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